Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Hosting Services


The advancement in the IT technology has enabled us to get our own website published, that too, free of cost. The advent of the free web hosting services and website builder has enabled us to design a new website within a very short time period. As a result, the free web hosting plans seem to be highly attractive and a very sleek option to publish websites. However, it has its own pros and cons which are not clearly visible in the attractive advertisements.Before analyzing the merits and demerits of free web hosting, let’s have a quick look over what the free web hosting really mean.

What Is Free Web Hosting Service?

The free web hosting, as described by its name, is the web hosting services which are offered free of cost to all. In this, the virtual server, running its own copy of OS and Web Hosting Software (commonly known as VPS), is allotted to the website on the server connecting the VPNs to the public networks like the internet, with limited bandwidth and limited number of email accounts. The VPNs are the Virtual Private Networks that are characterized by the extension of local private networks over the internet. VPN servers host multiple websites all together in one physical-storage host, assigned virtual IP address and accessed by sub-domain name, that too, free of cost.

However, the web hosting services earn money from the hosted website by placing ads on it. For example, you must have seen the online ads on the side panel of the website, or the annoying banner popping up on the free hosted websites. So, Is It Really That Beneficial To Opt For the Free Web Hosting Plans?



The only advantage of such hosting service is their cost effectiveness. They are absolutely free of cost and require not any paid subscription. However, the exact plan and policy may vary from one hosting service provider to another. The website owner gets the free space on the server, free sub-domain name for accessing website and global reach over the World Wide Web. In reality, this advantage is covered by many other demerits of free hosting services which do not make it suitable for the commercial purposes.You may explore the best free hosting sites for detailed information and reviews.



The free web hosting plans are full of multiple disadvantages for those who want to host their website for the commercial purposes. Here are a few major demerits of such free web hosting plans.

  • Advertisements : Obviously, the commercial website owners would not like to put any ads on their website other than their own. In such cases, getting the free hosting plan will not work at all. For instance, imagine the website of the famous LG brand showing the ads for free counseling or online tutorial classes. Obviously, it will rupture the brand recognition in the market.
  • No Main Domain : The free hosting plans do not provide the separate domain name. Instead, they only offer the sub domain upon their own domain name. For example, you must have seen many personal blogs with the address in the format –, or But, those who want their own main domain name must get the paid hosting services.
  • Customer Support : There is no customer support if you get technically stuck on installation or there is a need for tutorial or guidance. If you are new to hosting and do not have much time to spare in setting things right, then you should go for paid hosting services.
  • Limited Bandwidth And Speed : Last, but not the least, the free hosting services have limited bandwidth and data transfer speed. The bandwidth can be seen as the number of visitors allowed on your website per month. If the limit exceeds, the website hosting is halted by the servers, forcing you to buy the paid web hosting plans for extended bandwidth and data transfer rate.

On the whole, there are many demerits of free web hosting plans as compared to its merits. If you are a personal blogger or looking to launch a personal website, you can opt for a free hosting plan. But, it will not be an option for those who launch their commercial websites or blogs with the specific aim like earning money, building brand recognition, lead generation, promotion and so on. In such cases, you need to choose the paid web hosting plans as per the requirements.

Its all the more important to understand how to select right web hosting. A good hosting is one of the seo parameters for online success.

If you are small business and want to make your site as well, then there are options available under which you pay little to the hosting company, which can help you build your website and host it with them as well, this can help the small business owners get the best of both worlds.As a Small business owner one must evaluate the above advantages and disadvantages of Free Web Hosting before taking the final call.

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